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Welcome to the unit14 information service. Contact us at havard14@optonline.net

December 28, 2014: Corina and my brother Jim both received emails recently from Google telling them that their "Year in Photos" video was ready. I watched them both and they were quite fun but I was wondering where mine was. So I found the link to go to and got this message: "Bummer, there aren't enough photos to make your movie this year". Which is true, but sad. So what I did is I posted my own album of photos I have taken during 2014. Click on the zamboni at right to view it.

I have been trying to write and record some music. I would like to include other musicians, including friends and family in the process, if they are willing. So rather than call the music "Tom Havard", it will be called Childcraft Museum Piece. You can listen to and download the songs we have done so far at the Childcraft Museum Piece bandcamp site.

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